The journey continues…

rain drops background

When a sudden storm brings four unexpected couples together,  they will be forced to confront their feelings for each other.
Questions will be answered.
Attractions will be discovered.
Hearts will be lost.

One hot night will change everything.

 Story #1:   Jane & Ryan –

Ryan Tate is the last person Jane Atwell needs to be trapped with.  As their tempers flare, things heat up when a simple house showing goes horribly wrong.  This couple has nowhere to go, and nothing but time.

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A Sweet Inconvenience

The moment Jackson Prescott walked into Veronica “Ronni” Dudrow’s shop, she knew she was in trouble. His good looks and ultra-rich lifestyle kept all eyes on him, while his love life kept the cameras clicking and people talking, leaving Ronni to wonder why in the world he was looking for her.

Between running her shop, her monthly dessert showcase, and the needs of her friends and family, it’s no wonder she can’t seem to make time for dating. Jack’s sudden appearance puts Ronni in a position where she is forced to take the bitter with the sweet. However, as tasty as Jack is, his recent request has Ronni wondering if he’s really worth the trouble.

Jackson Prescott is a man who knows exactly what he wants. He just isn’t sure if he can find it. At first, Ronni Dudrow seems to be the only thing standing in his way. However, as they get to know each other, Jack wonders why he suddenly can’t get enough of this frustrating woman.

Can a situation that seems like the perfect recipe for disaster actually turn out to be something they both can’t resist?

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